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Sanmu Industrial Park—Sichuan Jianghe

2015-10-14 Read:4140

Sichuan Sanmu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established on April 3, 2008, registered capital is 100 million Yuan and occupied area is 720Mu. It is located in Sichuan Lingang Industrial Park. The Company is an enterprise of important investment attraction in Hejiang County, enterprise above the designated scale in Luzhou, high-tech cultivation enterprise in Luzhou and it was once awarded Sichuan Great Commercialization of Research Finding Price. Products of the Company are mainly all kinds of mid and high range of paintings and coating and the marketing network mainly covers “three provinces and one city” in southwest China. Total investment of the production projects of first-stage engineering resin and raw materials of the Company is 330 million Yuan and the occupied area is more than 250Mu. The projects mainly include: 20,000t/a alkyd resin matched with 10,000t/a fatty acid (oleic acid), 5,000t/a acrylic resin and supporting logistics storage tanks, boiler workshops, sewage treatment station. All the projects were completed and put into production at the end of 2011. The sales revenue of 2014 is 110 million Yuan.

The Company is committed to the development idea of the Group to develop circular economy vigorously, extend the upstream industrial chain. As the further exploration of chemical industry market in southwest China, total investment for the second-stage projects planned by the Company is 1 billion Yuan according the overall industry layout of the Group. The projects mainly include 50,000t/a phthalic anhydride (byproduct 2,000t/a fumaric acid), 100,000t/a butyl acetate, 50,000t PMA, 40,000t PM, 50,000t/a epoxy resin and 200,000t/a green coatings. We will attempt to forge the Company into the largest coating resin production base in southwest China and make contributions to the local economic construction.