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Staff Presence

Advanced Model of the Group Company in 2013-2014---Jiang Guoping

2015-07-01 Read:2582

Jiang Guoping is now the Director of the PU sub-factory in the synthesis park. He joined in the Company since 1999 and has been awarded Excellent Factory Director for five times and twice Advanced Model. He is a careful, responsible, cautious and conscientious worker who during the past 16 years has turned from a statistician originally to an excellent production manager through trainings provided by the Company and the Park as well as his own struggles.

Main work deeds:
I. Safe production management

In safe production management, he has been insisting on both the working concept of “Safety First, People Oriented” and working principle of “Prevention Based, inspect consistently”. He started grasping idea construction, safety knowledge and safety skill training from each shift leader. Through the effect beginning from the shift leaders, the safety concepts of the employees were greatly improved. In daily management, he has been actively participating in and organizing all safe production management and on-site safe production inspection and supervision in each sub-factory. The principle of “dare to report, control and exam” was highlighted in the process and those violation conducts were seriously solved. Jiang Guoping promptly rectified the found problems, strictly implemented each safety system of the Company, was fair in meting out rewards or punishments, and carefully performed his duty of safe production. During the past few years, under his highly-strict requirements, material safety accidents occurred at the plant under his management.

II. Technical quality management

Jiang Guoping understands well that quality is the prime element for the enterprises’ survival and development, that product quality levels can reflect the comprehensive competence of an enterprise, and that quality issues are also essential factors to affect the enterprises’ development. He has thoroughly recognized both the functions and influences of quality management on enterprise development in current fierce market competition of PU products, thus in the sub-factory under his management, detailed technical quality management regulations are prepared which requires to conduct operation technique trainings to the employees from time to time to improve their operation skills as well as quality awareness. Besides, detailed quality management rules of the sub-factory are also prepared to define the quality duties of each post and make rewards and punishments clear. Quality evaluation is also strengthened to improve the effects of rewards and punishments. As the management staff of the sub-factory, he stays at the production front line. When there are quality problems, he goes to the production site to learn the causes and effects, promptly conducts technical quality analysis, funds out the causes, educates corresponding staff and makes corresponding rectification and protection measures. He also conducts consistently improvement to avoid like accidents from happening. He can effectively prepare processing and rescuing plans to promptly dispose and digest on those retained goods or in-conformities resulted from goods returning from the marketing department or some special reasons. 

III. Equipment management

Equipment is the core of enterprise production and it is impossible to improve products quality of an enterprise if they can not be properly managed. He has insisted on the principle of “take prevention as the primary and repairing the subsidiary”. He also understands deeply that equipment failure are closely related to “human”, thus the key is to strengthen staff management. Even the best equipment that lack proper maintenance can break down or be even worse. 

He summarized and analyzed the main causes of equipment malfunction: ① improper equipment type selection; ② natural wear-out; ③ unprofessional operation; ④ over-load running; ⑤ illegally reverse its usages; ⑥ potential design bugs; ⑦ lack of necessary maintenance and service. Besides, emphasis is put on key points during the corresponding equipment management processes based on the above summary and analysis, which have significantly improve the service life of the equipment and save cost and consumptions caused by equipment maintenance.

IV. Site and environment protection management

It is widely known that PU branch is an aged plant, the existing hardware appliances and operation environment of which are relatively bad; moreover, adding objective causes including equipment aging, weathering and desquamating of internal and external plant buildings and corrosion and rusting of the steel structures etc., site and environment protection management is pretty hard.

He paid attention to prevention and treatment of the sources and management on operation conducts of the staff at the operation places and focus on the improvement of staff’s site consciousness and quality. The staff is prevented from littering randomly and objects and tools used in the operation process are put back. Site recovery is properly conducted after inspection and maintenance operations. The staff is required to keep the site clean and promptly and seriously clean the site during intervals. The steps to determine site management are: “safety, settlement, arrangement, sweeping, cleaning and quality”. Site management shall be carried out based on the six aspects.

He insists on self-inspection and self-correction in environment protection, “escaping, emitting, dropping and leaking” is strictly forbidden and the found problems are promptly rectified. On the site, protection against sunlight, rain and leakage of the materials are properly conducted. Cleaning water, sewage and rain water are discharged separately and strictly. Go into the plant to find out the causes once COD content is found to be out of limits, thus truly implement the management concept of focusing on environment protection.

V. Personnel management

It is widely known that personnel mobility in PU branch is slight, the staff’s operation levels and comprehensive qualities are relatively high and the age structure is proper, which closely relate to his insisting on principle of “people first” as he deeply understands that certain personnel mobility is beneficial for an enterprise and too frequent personnel mobility is not good as well, which indicating that the enterprise is not attractive. He is also good at finding the balance between the two ends. In management, he set himself as an example to others, keeps improving himself and allows the others to stay under safe and good conditions. He also talks with staff heart to heart regularly and tells them to work well through being a good man (focus on both being a good man and doing a good job). Therefore, the staff can hold together towards the shared target. The activity and subjective initiative of the employees’ are greatly motivated, which enables the factory to be awarded the advanced group of the company for many times.  

In a word, given his serious working style, management concept of “improving himself and providing safety to the other” as well as sincere living style, which has affected the entire workers and consistently been interpreting the responsibilities of a base management staff, Comrade Jiang Guoping lives up to the title as a model.