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Staff Presence

Special report of pioneering pacesetter of Group Company from 2013 to 2014-Ren Yaqiang

2015-09-06 Read:2560

Ren Yaqiang, 36 years old, graduated from Xuzhou College of Industrial Technology, serves as the Deputy General Manager of Production Department of Sichuan Sanmu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. now. Since he came to the factory more than ten years ago, he has gradually grown to an excellent management talent of the Group Company from a common worker in the alcohol acid shop through his own persistent efforts and under the vigorous cultivation by the company, making significant contributions to the development of Sichuan Sanmu.

I. Organizing staff to support production in Sinkiang
To make reasonable use of human resources in the Company and guarantee supply of products in the northwest market, Comrade Ren Yaqiang have led and organized production staff of Sichuan Sanmu to head for Sinkiang Branch for supporting production four times successively since 2014 according to the work deployment of Group Company. When there were not enough production personnel, he overcame numerous difficulties. In the premise that the local product supply is guaranteed, he mobilizes the staff’s thoughts and takes the lead to fight the forefront of production in the shop.
Supported strongly by the leaders of the Group Company, he successfully fostered a diligent, surely and efficient team with strong sense of responsibilities.

II. Highly emphasizing quality of products
As an excellent production manager, Comrade Ren Yaqiang strictly implements quality ideas of products of the Group Company, comprehensively supervising and managing the whole production process procedures of raw materials, feeds, operations and filter-press packing; once any quality issue of product is found, the product will be processed immediately. Through these efforts, there is approximately zero inventory of defective products in Sichuan Sanmu Branch led by him. Meanwhile, during his organization of production in Sinkiang, under the cooperation from technical personnel of the Group, the previous mass inventory of defective products are processed, which vitalize the sluggish products in Sinkiang Branch, thus activating the current assets and improving the company’s economic benefits.

III. Strict safety management of shop
In production, Comrade Ren Yaqiang always sticks to the work guideline of “safety first and prevention focus”, having made relatively good achievements in safety management work of Sichuan Sanmu Branch in recent years. In work, he uses weekly safety meetings and monthly safety assessments to organize shop directors to draw advantages from each other and progress mutually, which boosts the shop management up a notch. Because Sichuan Sanmu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is the biggest private enterprise in Hejiang County, the safety situation has become increasingly severe in recent years. Local Administration for Safe Production has organized senior experts to come to the Company for safety diagnosis several times. Directed at the issues existing, Comrade Re Yaqiang has organized each department of the Branch to strictly implement the rectification person in charge of finishing rectification requirements in the first time, hence increasing the local security supervision department’s confidence in our Branch’s safety management.

Comrade Ren Yaqiang always says that these are his own work. But it is hard for us to experience the diligent efforts to do those best. We also believe that he will keep trying to make bigger contributions to Sichuan Sanmu and the Group.